Brand Rep FAQ

Do I get free product?

Yes!! You get 2 complimentary new products of your choosing every month (sometimes more!)

What are the brand rep perks & discounts?

Brand reps get 20% off. We will send you the code :) We also will be doing Bonus Challenges every month! These are optional but just something fun to participate in! Bonus challenges will be announced at the beginning of each month.

You will also get a 10% off code to share with your friends and followers! Each time someone uses your discount code, you get a 10% in store commission!! You're always welcome to use your own code at any time. You still get commission for using your own code.

How do I know how much commission I've earned?

You have the option of choosing to either sign up with us on the app we use (called affiliatly) to track commission (this allows you to sign in whenever you want to see your real in time commission earnings) OR you can opt to just get an email from us each month telling you what your earnings are. 

When do I get my store credit?

You can get your store credit at any time! Just email us at to ask for your in store commission! If you don't use your earnings, they just roll over until the next month :)

How long am I a Rep?

Brand Rep terms will last 3 months with the possibility to extend. This brand rep term is from now (end of October) until the end of January.

Having a giveaway?

We would love to support you and participate in it! This is just one fun perk :)

New product launches / sneak peeks:

You will get the option to see sneak peeks of new products/ launches before anyone else! Photos or a link to see the sneak peeks/ launches will be sent via DM on instagram


Please tag us in your photos and use the #OliveAndSTeam hashtag so we can see and comment on all your cute posts! 

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If you have a question please feel free to email us at